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Flappy Bird – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Go look in the App Store at how many reviews Flappy Bird has. As of the time of this writing it’s approaching 400,000, proof that Flappy Bird is what would happen if drugs were converted into app form. Yes, it’s that addicting, because it’s insanely frustrating, and it’s insanely difficult to get past a score of 5 or even 10, usually. It doesn’t have to be, however. Read on for the top ten tips and tricks for Flappy Bird!

10) Learn how to aim your bird.
This takes practice to do, but what makes it easier is that your bird jumps the same amount every time that you hit the screen, regardless of whether it’s falling fast or not. Find a point to aim for inside of each pipe – for example, one bird-length above the top of the bottom pipe. Then try to hit the screen at exactly that point, and repeat.

9) How to stop the game from crashing
The game has a tendency to sometimes crash every time that you lose a stage. If it starts doing this, double-tap the menu button and close the app manually from there (or do the equivalent method on Android). Do this and restart the app and you’ll start being able to save your score again.

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8) Take a break every once in awhile.
This game will cause you to throw your phone or tablet if you play it for too long, or at least it will frustrate you into breaking your concentration. If you find your scores steadily dropping and your frustration growing, then take a break for awhile and play something else – and not another frustration-maker like Ironpants or Super Ball Juggling. Play a farming game or something easy.

7) Find a rhythm for bouncing your bird.
Think of a song in your head, and bounce your bird to the rhythm of the song. This is more of a mental trick, but it will majorly help you to focus and bounce your bird straight without thinking too much.

6) Watch out for the big drops.
The drop from a high space between pipes to a low space between pipes is the biggest bird killer there is. Time your jump through the pipe so that you don’t have to jump a second time to avoid falling into the bottom-pipe. If you do a second jump, then you probably won’t be able to fall fast enough to avoid the next top-pipe.

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