Flappy Dunk – How to unlock every skin (ball, hoop and wing) and the Mystery Skins, Page 3

Yellow Wing: Play two days in a row (come back tomorrow)
Black Wing: Achieve 200 total swish shots
Purple Wing: Play 30 challenges

Smiley Wing: Play endless mode with 25 different skins
Blue optical illusion wing: Complete 17 different challenges in normal mode in a row without losing
Black Hoop: Unlock the two mystery skins.

White Hoop: Score 25 or more points using the second chance.
Magenta Hoop: Pass 50 hoops in one endless mode game.
Light Blue Hoop: Unlock 25 different skins (ball, hoop or wing)

Green Hoop: Achieve 25 swishes with the watermelon ball in one endless mode game.
Yellow Hoop: Watch five video ads.
Purple Hoop: Achieve 100 total swishes

Orange Hoop: Score exactly 42 points in a single game
Rainbow Hoop: Complete 51 challenges with the rainbow ball in normal mode
Smiley Face Hoop: Unlock 30 total skins
Moon Hoop: Play Flappy Dunk 3 days in a row

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