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Flappy Fire – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Flappy Fire is a new side-scrolling endless shooter for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a bouncing cannon that fires a constant barrage of balls at the coming blocks, and you control the gun flappy-style, tapping to bounce up and letting go of the screen to fall down. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flappy Fire!

The shots fire automatically, and every time that you hit a block, you score a point. Your goal, of course, is to score as many points as possible. To speed the process along, hit more blocks than you need to. Once you break through a block, you can move onto the next set of blocks, but fall down or jump up and shoot more of them in the same row anyways until it comes time to fly through to the next set.

If you get trapped behind a block, then you lose the round and you end up having to start over. However, if you are passing through a row of blocks and you land on a block, you’ll simply rest on the block, and if you bounce upwards and hit your head on the block above you, then you’ll just bounce off of it. So you can’t be killed from the top or the bottom, only from in front.

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As you move forward you’ll earn a number of power-ups. The speed-up one will increase the speed of your shots. The power increasing power-up will increase the strength of each one of your shots, as well as the number of points that you earn from making each shot. Collect these because the blocks will get tougher as you go, so you’ll need them in order to keep your run going.

When you see a block with a star in it, destroy that block. You’ll get high power AND high speed for awhile, making it extremely easy to rack up points and blow through the next round of blocks. The block with the star in it will usually have more power than the other blocks, though, meaning you’ll have to focus specifically on it in order to destroy it.

Right now, there are no upgrades that can be purchased or unlocked in between rounds. However, there is a button that’s currently grayed-out, but the icon implies that upgrades will be available in the future. Whether that is with a type of currency, or includes upgrades that can be unlocked with specific actions, remains to be seen.