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Flappy Monster Free: Best Bird Gameplay – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Yes, Flappy Monster Free: Best Bird Gameplay is the real name of the game. It has by far the stupidest name of any game on the App Store leaderboards, but shockingly, it’s one of the best (and most frustrating) games there, and BY FAR the best Flappy Bird-alike. Take the gameplay of Flappy Bird, and add in a whole host of other obstacles to screw you up, such as moving pipes and fireball strings I.E. Super Mario Bros, and you have one of the most difficult games in existence. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flappy Monster Free: Best Bird Gameplay!

Play the game for long enough, and you’ll notice that it’s every third pipe in the game that will screw you up. Every third pipe will be either a moving pipe, a really wide pipe, or have strings of fireballs attached. Your bird will glow red and shoot gold sparkles out when you pass a pipe with a multiple of three, for just that reason.

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There are specific techniques to pass each of the special pipes. The wide pipes are arguably the easy ones to past. First, it’s best to work on getting into a rhythm. If you bounce your monster at the right rhythm, it will fly perfectly straight. Find a song with a beat to bounce to. Good examples would be “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen or “Shake That” by Eminem and Nate Dogg, as they both have the exact rhythm you need to tap in order to make your monster fly perfectly straight.

Once you have that rhythm down, all that you need to do is keep that rhythm in order to pass wide pipes. Aim for just above the bottom pipe so that you don’t whack your head on the top pipe. Fireball pipes are the next toughest, but they are wide. All that you have to do is drop to avoid the top fireball stick, and jump up real quick to avoid the bottom one (or jump up quick and then fall fast depending on which is coming at you first). Then bounce as normal through the regular pipes.

For the moving pipes you will need to have perfect timing in order to make it. Slow your rhythm down if it’s dropping and speed your rhythm up if it’s rising. Aim a little lower if it’s dropping, and aim a little higher if it’s rising. Above all, though, practice is needed. You will need to practice a LOT in order to pass them consistently.

There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals that you can earn in this game too. Bronze is earned by getting 10 points, silver with 20 points, gold with 30 points and platinum with 40 points. After that it’s all about bragging rights.