Flappy TimberBird – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Flappy TimberBird is a hilariously epic mashup/parody of two of the most popular and simplest iOS and Android games to date – of course, that being Flappy Bird and Timberman. Flappy TimberBird plays similarly to Timberman, but with an appearance similar to Super Mario Bros 3 and an authentic-looking representation of Flappy Bird wearing an iron helmet so that he can headbutt the pipes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flappy TimberBird!

At first, you will be able to get away with tapping slowly, because the bar at the top of the screen drops slowly earlier on in the game. As your score increases, the bar drops faster, forcing you to tap more quickly. Slowly build up your tapping speed, and be careful not to lose control of which side you’re tapping and accidentally tap onto the wrong side and hit a pipe.

Head over to the Game Center and you’ll see hacked scores that have been done by some of the usual suspects, such as #SHAKYBIRD and others. If you want to determine which scores are the real scores, look for the ones that don’t say some extremely evenly rounded number such as 999 or 1,000. Look for the ones that actually look real and use those as your goalpost to beet.

Or if you want to hack the game yourself, find a hex editor file, or iExplorer for the PC, or some Android hacking file, and change the high score around, which is saved in an HTML-esque file somewhere in the game’s code. Or figure out which hex code controls the transparency and/or permeability of the pipes and mess with it. It’s kind of like old school Game Genie hacking!

This can be a frustrating game so if you need to, take a break and then come back to it in 15-30 minutes. This should be just long enough to get rid of the frustration and after taking a break, your mind will be fresh, the adrenaline will be gone, and your subconscious will take over, causing your speed and your accuracy to increase dramatically.

Once you get the hang of fast-tapping, look for the long straightaways, where you don’t have to switch sides at all, and then tap them as swiftly and furiously as you can. These straightaways are your best time to regain stamina in the energy barn, so when you find them, take advantage of them and make them work for you.

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