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Flip Master – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Flip Master is a new iOS and Android game that’s all about doing tricks on a trampoline. You pick your jumper, and then you jump for the highest score that you possibly can by doing flips and tricks and not landing on your head. You can earn coins, new jumpers, and new tricks, as well as jump on new trampolines in new locations. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flip Master!

Early on, you will only be able to flip, but later on, you’ll start unlocking tricks. Tricks generally can’t be combined with flips at the same time, although one can be done right after the other. Tricks can earn you lots of points and still allow you to land more easily than you would when you finish a flip, so make heavy use of them when you need a break from the flips.

Coins are mainly earned through the completion of rounds, but another reliable way to earn coins is to watch ad videos. Go to the spin screen and hit the link for the video button to earn a semi-random amount of coins that’s specified beforehand. Keep watching videos in order to load up on the coins quickly so that you can spin frequently.

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One of the more off-beat items that you’ll earn from spins is new trampolines. The benefits of new tricks are obvious, but the benefits of new trampolines are less so. Basically, their benefit is that they are different sizes and have different levels of rebound, so that you can jump higher and do more spins and tricks before landing back on the trampoline.

Use some of your coins not only to spin for items, but to upgrade your character of choice as well. You can upgrade his or her jump power, tuck power, confidence, balance, and centering. The first level will be 50 coins; the next level after that will be more money. Each stat can be upgraded ten times in total.

If you have a lot of extra coins, there are a couple of other things that you can spend them on. You can purchase new outfits for your character of choice by going to the character select screen and hitting the shop button. Or, hit the battery button on the main menu screen to purchase boosts that can be used during a round, each of which lasts a couple of minutes.