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Flipping Legend – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Flipping Legend is a new level-based game for the iOS and Android platforms with voxel graphics that resemble an Atari 2600 wrought 3D. Your goal is to make it as far as you can, collecting coins, completing quests, progressing through levels and defeating a wide range of enemies. You can unlock new characters, as well as upgrade the ones that you already have. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flipping Legend!

You can tap to the left or to the right to hop in that direction, but what you might not realize at first is that if you tap in a seemingly impassable direction (tapping to the right while on the right tile or to the left while on the left tile), you’ll cross over to the other side of the screen. This makes it FAR easier to defeat enemies and collect coins, as well as to get yourself out of seemingly insurmountable situations without having to waste a special tap and go backwards.

As you play you’ll earn chests that you can open for various prizes. Go to the chests store and at any time, you will be able to get a free brown chest in exchange for watching a video. Once you get a free chest you’ll need to wait for a bit for the cool down time to expire, but then you can watch another video for another brown chest afterwards.

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The farther you go into a run, the more difficult the enemies will be to defeat and the more types of them that you’ll see. For example, in level 3 they will start firing projectiles at you, so you have to watch out and make sure that you do not get hit or else your run is done. In level two, if you jump on a gravestone, a ghost will start following you and if it catches you, your run is done.

The quicker you tap, the farther that you can go on the same amount of energy, because your energy drains on a time basis, not a distance basis. Plus, you’ll cancel out the previous tap animation if you tap in the middle of a movement. If your energy is running out and you see the door ahead, furiously tap left and right as quickly as you can until you break through the door, at which point all of your energy will be restored.

Skill points will allow you to earn new skills or upgrade your current ones. This includes special taps such as teleport attacks, backward jumps, or throwing weapons. If you are happy with the special moves that you have already, then upgrade the speed of your ability bar recovery using skill points, so that you can use your moves more often.