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Flippy Bottle Xtreme – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

There have been many bottle-flipping games to hit the App Store and Google Play lately, but Flippy Bottle Xtreme is by far the most popular one. This game sets you against the bottle, as you flip it onto increasingly challenging platforms of varying sizes and elevations, even including moving platforms. You can collect flips and earn new bottles as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flippy Bottle Xtreme!

You earn one flip each time that you complete a flip onto a platform, but the quickest way to earn more flips (the currency) is to lose, and then watch the video for 100 free flips when the video offer comes up. Other offers for 100 flips will show up including for liking the game on Facebook, or for checking out more of the games by the same developer.

You can use the flips to unlock new types of bottles. All of the bottles play the exact same way, they just changed the appearance of the bottle itself. As you purchase more types of bottles, the price for the next bottle will increase. If you want to see what all of the bottles look like very quickly, delete the app and then reinstall it and buy more bottles using the flips that you earn when you install it again,

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You have to swipe to throw the bottle up in the air to flip it, but you don’t have to swipe fast. You can swipe as slowly as you want. The bottle will only leave the ground when your finger lets go of the screen. Use a slow swipe so that you can be as deliberate as possible in figuring out the right path for your finger.

Hit the mode button to switch out of level mode and into one of the many other game modes. Endless mode has you flip the bottle onto the same table over and over. Impossible mode has you flipping the bottle onto a tiny surface. Zen mode is a friendlier version of level mode. Space mode has low gravity. Bottle cap mode is an endless attempt to land one bottle cap-down onto another bottle. Free mode can be played just like either zen or endless. Caplevel mode is level mode except that you have to land the bottle on the cap.

Not only is there a global leaderboard for the regular level mode, but there are leaderboards for all of the other modes, as well. Go here to check your progress in any one of the modes. You’ll have the most competition in the level mode since that’s the default mode and many players have likely not discovered other modes yet. Ignore the hacked scores (the impossibly high ones) and aim for the more realistic-looking ones.