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Flippy Knife – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Flippy Knife is a new iOS and Android game where your goal is to flip knives and stick them into the surface for points and coins. Many versions of the game are contained in this, such as combo and target centered variations, and your goal is to earn coins, unlock knives and badges, and go for the highest scores possible on any level. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flippy Knife!

Each level that you play has its own specific timing that you have to master. Practice as many throws as you need to, with the knowledge that most of them will miss at first. Once you get the hang of the timing, remember it and repeat it so that you can shoot for higher scores.

Fill that combo bar at the top of the screen. When the bar fills, you’ll get a bonus chest loaded with coins. Shoot for that full bar in each game that you play; load up on the coins, and it will become very easy to start purchasing new knives with your money. Watch any video offer that you see, as well, so that you can get all of the possible coins that you can.

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Not all of the knives are even knives; some of them are swords, axes, or other implements. Each one performs differently also; some of them weigh more than others. This means that they will flip more slowly when you toss them, but they will be easier to stick – usually, depending on the shape. They’ll require adjustments but often, they will be extremely worth it.

Some knives will also earn you more coins per flip than others, making it easier to earn even more coins so that you can buy more knives. Some can be purchased with coins, while others can be earned by watching a specific number of videos. The sword that takes 99 videos would only take about an hour to earn, which is far quicker than the 60,000 coin sword, but longer (albeit less expensive) than the sword that costs $1.99.

Badges will earn you coins the fastest. Hit the badge menu and tap on the ones that you haven’t earned yet to see what you need to do to earn them. Some of them are as simple as visiting the game on social media, and every badge is worth coins. The more coins, the quicker you’ll be able to purchase more knives.