Floyd’s Sticker Squad: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Floyd’s Sticker Squad is a unique new roguelike shooter game with meme-like animation for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to go as far as you can, earn stickers, and load up on new Floyds, or characters. You can earn coins and Plutonium (premium currency) as you make your way through the game, unlock all sorts of new content, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Floyd’s Sticker Squad!

You move by tapping to go up, or swiping in a direction (down, left, right) to go in that direction. Countless enemies will appear in front of you, of course; luckily, you’ll shoot automatically, so aim shots at the enemy and get out of the way of their attacks, especially the bosses. Hold down on the screen to charge your shot to do extra damage against bosses.

Scroll through the list of unlockable Floyds to see which one you want to use, unless you don’t care, then stick with the initial one. The reason for this is that you can upgrade your Floyds individually using coins. Level up your Floyd by upgrading their damage, pushback, the fire rate, mid-shot damage, or super-shot damage. If you have enough Plutonium, you can also upgrade their runs, which is how many continues you’ll be able to do with one Floyd before you run ends.

You have up to three missions that are available to complete at any given time, and completing any one of them allows you to earn free Plutonium. One of the more obscure missions is to make a Magic Pack. In the sticker area, if you put together an entire sticker stack, you’ll make a pack. A common stack is a Special Pack, a rare stack is a Magic Pack, and an epic stack is an Ultra Pack. So earn more and more stickers to complete these missions.

Even if you don’t plan to play everyday, log into the game everyday so that you can collect the daily reward. The daily reward consists of anything from free experience and gold to free plutonium, and even a new ultra pack/special pack/other form of card pack. Log in, then collect your reward, and if you don’t plan to play, log back out. On day 30, you’ll get a New Boss Pack.

You’ll have to get through many levels and bosses in a row without dying in order to make it to new levels, and you can’t pause either, so carve out some time. New worlds will be harder, but there will be better rewards associated with each one.

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