FlyBy – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

FlyBy is a new endless flying game for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to go as far as possible while collecting as much nectar as possible, and in doing so, to earn the highest score that you possibly can. Sounds simple enough, but this is one of the more difficult endless games out there. Read on for some tips and tricks for FlyBy!

Nectar is very important to collect in this game, but if you want to get as far as possible, ignore the nectar and merely focus on getting past the obstacles. Nectar trails will more often than not lead you straight to your demise, as oftentimes a line of three straight nectar will just send you straight into a vine. Besides, when you go a good distance, you will end up with quite a bit of nectar anyways just from picking it up without even focusing on it.

Nectar takes forever to collect in this game – at least to collect enough of it to purchase a power up. To make it a whole lot easier, go to the in-app purchase store and there will be a free nectar option. Start completing free offers and you will begin to load up on the nectar.

Be sure to collect the power ups whenever you pass them. You have four different types that you can collect. The magnet will draw all nectar to you, while the shield will stop you from dying. The double nectar is self explanatory, while the nectar rush will send you into a special high nectar collection mode. All of these can be upgraded in the store to make them last longer.

Oli is the main character of the game, but there are four other characters that you can unlock too. Toasty Boy is completely free, and will be unlocked once you complete ten rounds of FlyBy. Boris costs 2,500 nectar. A mystery fairy is available when you spend 5,000 nectar, and a secret character can be unlocked for 10,000 nectar, but only after you unlock everyone else.

You can upgrade the game to play with no ads and free revives, but you can do the no ads portion completely free. All that you have to do is turn off your data and your 3G or LTE (and your WiFi) and you will stop the ads from loading when you play the game. You can still play, you just can’t make IAPs and the ads won’t load.