Flying Arrow (mobile game) – Tips, Cheats, Upgrade and Distance Guide, and Strategies

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Flying Arrow is a new game by Voodoo for the iOS and Android where your goal is to shoot an arrow as far as absolutely possible, to hit a variety of targets, and to upgrade your arrow-shooting ability so that you can shoot them even farther and faster. You earn coins depending on where your shot lands and how far it goes, and you can compete against players from all over the world to make the farthest shot. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flying Arrow!

When you first begin the game you won’t be able to shoot too far, but you’ll be able to buy cheap upgrades as well, so you won’t have to waste a whole lot of time with short shots. Aim arrows at the various targets around the screen. Hitting the outer edges of a red target gives you 2x the coins, and shooting a bullseye inside of a red target gives you 5x the coins.

You can aim before firing the shot, of course, but you can also redirect the arrow after you fire the shot. Just swipe from side to side to redirect the shot. Because you can do this, it matters very little whether you shoot it super accurately to begin with or not. Just shoot it in the general vicinity of where you want it to go, then correct any aim imperfections after the shot.

Once you’re able to shoot a bit farther, start aiming for the golden targets. With these ones, you get 5x the coins if you hit on the outside of the target, and if you shoot a bullseye, you get a full 10x the coins. Combine that with the ad video offer after you make the shot (assuming that you have a good data connection), and you’ll end up earning 20x the coins for that one shot!

When you’re shooting a long distance, pick a golden target to aim for, and then practice hitting it. You’ll need to back off the shot strength a bit in order to hit a golden target once you upgrade past the point of being able to hit it with your maximum shot. Remember how hard you have to pull the bow to aim properly at the golden target, so that you can eventually hit it over and over.

Once you have enough upgrades that you’re shooting all the way around the world and back to the old western town again, start moving your arrow towards either the left or right sides of the town. There’s no obstacles, and there are plenty of gold targets on either side of the islands, so you can make easy money and load up on the upgrades.

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