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Food Fantasy: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Food Fantasy is a new RPG for the iOS and Android where you play as the Master Attendant, and you run a restaurant, and also help to save the world from the Fallen Angels with the help of Food Souls, which are essentially angels with the spirit of various real-life foods. Your goal is to make your way through the story and the quests while building a team of the rarest and strongest Food Souls, all while running a profitable restaurant. You an earn coins, gems, tips, medals, and soul shards, enabling you to unlock a huge amount of customization. Read on for some tips and tricks for Food Fantasy!

The battle mode is similar to other mobile RPGs with auto-battling, but is more active. You control the special moves and the computer controls standard attacks, but you also can do other actions in battle. This includes tapping frozen characters to unfreeze them, tapping on Fallen Angels’ minions to remove them before they heal the Fallen Angels, and tapping the weak spots on Fallen Angels to prevent their special attacks.

The restaurant earns you profit as you cook and sell your food, and you can increase the profit by discovering and developing new dishes, as well as upgrading the dishes that you already have. To develop a recipe, add between one of three ingredients, using the grayed-out recipe thumbnails as a hint for what you should add. To upgrade recipes, use ingredients for what you already have. Tap on the ingredient thumbnail to pinpoint the location of it.

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You have numerous ways of upgrading your Food Souls to make them more powerful. Doing the standard upgrade allows you to use EXP items to level them up, while ascending them, which required specific shards of the character, as well as coins, allows you to add one star to their star rating tier, increasing their base stats for all levels. Feed them various recipes to increase their fondness for you. You can level up their skills using different materials, and then at level 50 you unlock shard fusion. Plus, you can equip each food soul with their own fallen angel.

Shard fusion comes in multiple forms once you unlock it. Regular fusion allows you to fuse three shards of the same quality and earn one random shard of the same quality. Advanced fusion allows you to fuse five shards of the same quality to receive one shard of a higher quality. R shards have a 100% chance to earn you an SR shard, while SR shards have a 60% chance to earn you a UR shard and a 40 percent chance of earning you two other SR shards. M cards currently can’t be fused.

You’re going to need food souls to run your restaurant, so pick the ones who have restaurant skills (not all of them do). If you have a glut of restaurant-capable Food Souls, put the weaker ones in the restaurant and keep the stronger ones for your party; otherwise, assign all of the restaurant-skill ones to the restaurant.