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Football Heroes Online – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Football Heroes Online is a new online arcade – style football game for the iOS and Android platforms. This is the sequel to the original Football Heroes, a game that combines football with beating the crap out of each other. Your goal is still to beat the crap out of each other, but you and other players compete to do so instead, raising far more challenges and possibilities. You can even upgrade your players as well as add new and better players to your roster. Read on for some tips and tricks for Football Heroes Online!

In the previous game, it was very important to button mash and beat the crap out of the other players on the field. While this is still an important aspect of gameplaying, it is not nearly so much so as it was in the last one. Strategy and play selection are far more important then they used to be because when you are playing in multiplayer mode, you have a very good chance of getting matched up against someone with far stronger players then you have.

If you are new to the game and your players are not very strong yet, stick to the single player mode rather than going straight into multiplayer mode. Single player mode has a difficulty level that corresponds with where you are at as far as team strength, and you can earn the same kind of rewards from single player mode that you can from multiplayer. Use the single player mode to earn new players and strengthen your current players in preparation for going up against other players.

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Play selection is far more important in this game, especially in multiplayer mode, then it used to be. Your choice of play needs to surprise your opponent and keep them on their toes. If you pick the same play over and over, even if you are having a lot of success with it against another player, they will figure you out eventually. By the same token, look for play patterns with your multiplayer opponents.

If you decide to go with a passing play while you’re on offense, wait until your receivers are open before you make a pass, because it is very easy to get intercepted in this game. If nobody is able to get open, run a Wildcat type of play and have your quarterback run for it instead. Wildcat plays carry the same element of surprise in this game as they do in real football, and can be a very effective way to gain yards, especially against a player who continuously picks a pass protection defense play.

You will constantly be opening new card packs and unlocking new players. Every time that you do, go back to your roster and see who you can replace. If you earn card pieces for players that you already have, look through and see who you can upgrade. The more that you upgrade a player, the more that their monetary value will be, and the better that your team will be overall. The monetary value is a quick way to measure players against each other, position by position.