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Football Strike – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Football Strike is a new soccer goal-kicking competition game for the iOS and Android platforms. This is a multiplayer affair that pits you against other active players to kick goals against each other, but there are plenty of single-player modes for practice purposes, as well. You can earn coins and cash, as well as sports bags featuring power-ups and new balls. Read on for some tips and tricks for Football Strike!

Your mission as a kicker is to kick the ball into the targets at as high of a speed as possible. To multiply your points, though, you always want to aim for the middle of the target. You’ll have to change the speed of your swipes – fast swipes kick harder, while slow swipes kick softer.

Use exclusively fast swipes when you’re in the free kick competition. In the shooting race, slow kicks are useful because it’s very easy to overswipe and go too high. The slow kick will naturally dip down a little bit, allowing you to counteract that overswipe with that dipping action.

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Aim at the little orange targets at the corner of the goal. If you successfully hit one of them, then you’ll supercharge the next hit, which will double the amount of points that you earn from the next successful kick. A one-point kick will be worth two points, and a two-point kick, one that goes through the orange center of the target, will be worth four points instead.

When you’re in the free kick mode, defense is arguably more important than offense. You’ll want to kick the ball hard to make it harder to defend against. When you are the defender, swipe over to the correct area as quickly as possible; if you wait too long, you’ll miss the chance to defend, and the harder that the other player kicks, the better the chances of successfully defending the kick.

You’ll unlock new equipment as you go, as well as upgrade cards for your existing equipment. When you have enough cards to level up a ball, spend coins to complete the upgrade, and the stats of the ball will increase. This will increase the power of your kicks, the accuracy of your kicks, and the amount that you can curve the ball in order to throw off the other player during free kick competitions.