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Forest Home – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Forest Home is a new Android and iOS puzzle game – think of it like Flow Free meets Candy Crush. Your job is to draw the line for each animal to follow to get home, use each square on the stage only once, and do it before you run out of moves. Read on for some tips and tricks for Forest Home, and some cheats as well!

The cheat in question is the time lapse cheat, which allows you to set the time ahead on your tablet or phone whenever you run out of lives, or whenever you have one or two missing lives, whichever you like. Set the time ahead by half an hour per life that you want to get back, or two and a half hours if you want to get a full refill.

You can also set the time back to normal once you finish doing the time lapse trick; if you do that and then go back to the game yet again, the lives will still be there. So you can do this trick as many times as you want and you will not have to have some insanely inaccurate time on your phone in order to keep doing it.

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If you still don’t want to mess with the time, then you can get free lives and other rewards by logging onto Facebook. Also, you can get them using Acorns, which can be earned for free from the IAP store by watching advertisement videos. If you want more spins on the totem pole, you can earn them the same way; one per advertisement video that you watch.

Always remember what you did to beat a level, especially if you beat it with only one or two stars. Take a screen capture of it if you have to. Go back later and beat it easily for three stars by remembering exactly what you did and then replicating it with the minimal amount of moves, using the screen capture as a reference if you have to.

Logging into Facebook and playing with your friends is what earns you some of the big rewards. If you don’t want to bug your friends or none of them play this game, then your best bet is to go to a separate, games-only account, then add people who post their information in places such as the comments of the Forest Home group, this article’s comments or the review section of the App Store or Google Play. Or try to get them to add you.