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Forsaken World 3D Mobile – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Forsaken World 3D Mobile is a new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This new MMO has you completing quests, talking to the people of various maps to find new quests, and bringing other players along for raids, even forming guilds so that you and your friends (both offline and online) can take on missions together. Read on for some tips and tricks for Forsaken World 3D Mobile!

There are a load of opportunities to level up in this game, such as setting it into botting mode so that your character simply kills wave after wave of enemy. Oftentimes your character gets the chance to turn into an animal, such as a Lycan, giving it much stronger attack power and allowing it to kill tougher enemies a lot quicker. Use these times to bot for awhile, as these are times when you can earn a ton of EXP.

Botting, of course, is when your character auto-fights, and automatically runs where it needs to go. There are a number of settings that you can use to determine how you bot. For example, you can choose to use or not to use your EXP skills, or to auto-accept invitations from people to team up, whether they be total strangers, or your friends in the game.

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Want more friends to add? Go to the comments section of this page, the review pages on the Google Play or App Store, or the fan pages for the game on Facebook and scroll through people who post their player IDs. Go to the friend section and add them and if they add you back, you have a new teammate. This is also an excellent way to find a guild, or to find people to join your guild. Of course, you can simply add randoms off of the chats, too.

Usually the fastest way to level up, though, is to complete the quests. If you want more quests, go to the safe zones and start talking to the townspeople. Many of them either have quests for you to complete, or they will lead you to someone who does.

The better of a connection that you have, the smoother that the game will go. if you are on a bad connection, you’re going to be delayed a lot when you try to auto-populate, or your path will be cancelled for no reason at all. Get to a better connection if this happens. If your character gets stuck, go to the “set” menu and use the “My character is stuck” option and you will be reset to an area where you previously were.