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Fortress Fury – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy guide

Fortress Fury is a new physics-based strategy wall smashing game for the iOS and Android platforms. The goal here is to build up a strong fortress using all of the materials that you have available to you, loaded up with cannons and other weapons, then try to defend it against players who want to destroy it, while using your cannons to destroy their’s. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fortress Fury!

The way to win at this game is to destroy your enemy’s core before they destroy your gemstone. Your core is hidden inside of a block that will be disguised as any other block in your fortress. Hide it as far back as you can in disguise it as a blog that you have a lot of, so that other players have a difficult time finding and destroying it. You will have to place shield pieces around it in order to defend it, but put a few stray ones that are not next to it in order to trick your opponents.

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You can only aim your cannons in one direction, but you can choose how hard they fire so that you will always get an accurate hit. try to destroy the enemies’ cannons before anything else, so that they can’t hit you as often or as hard. If your aim isn’t good enough to aim for individual blocks yet, though, then simply work on firing accurately so that you hit somewhere on your opponents fortress.

Some of the construction materials that you can use to craft your fortress are a lot weaker than others. Even though you are generally forced to start with more wood, Max out the amount of stone, copper, lead, and other good ones and your fortress. As you learn more resources, use crafting to get more of the good ones. Load up your fortress with the good ones to make it harder to you destroy you.

Crafting can also earn you stronger weapons, so be sure to use crafting hours in order to get weapons such as the Dragon’s fire rather than simply sticking to your usual catapults. Weapons cost a whole lot more points than defense of pieces do though, so when it comes down to choosing between stronger weapons and stronger defense pieces, choose from the stronger building materials. Your attack power won’t increase much compared to the alternative, but your defense will increase a lot.

There are many different kinds of resources that you can earn in battle. The primary way to get more resources is to fight more battles. There is no energy metric in this game, so fight as many battles as possible in order to earn more of them. Use those resources to improve your fortress, so that you can win even more battles as you go on.