FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW: 2013 Fisker Surf shooting brake official photos and information

By | 20110913

Pictured here is Fisker’s second-ever production model and the current star of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the hot new Fisker Surf shooting brake concept.

Despite the ‘shooting brake’ moniker that Fisker has attached to the new Surf, let’s be real. The Fisker Surf is an estate car, also known as a station wagon.

But it’s already the coolest station wagon around, having displaced the Dodge Magnum as the car that breaks the station wagon design mold the most. The shape is a bit like what would happen if you took a Volvo C30 and stretched it to twice the length, and lowered it. It’s also been compared to a four-door Ferrari FF, but the folks at Fisker cite the Lamborghini Espada as their inspiration for the Surf. The grill has been toned down somewhat compared to the Karma thanks to a black grill insert, and the end result is that the Karma’s catfish maw is no longer so prominent and all-encompassing as that of the Surf. Otherwise, the Surf is essentially a Karma station wagon.

The Surf was designed and built as a response to Fisker Karma customers who complained about the lack of cargo space. The Karma’s trunk has less cargo space than a Ferrari 458 Italia, but the wagon shape of the Surf causes that cargo space to double, and quadruple with the rear seats folded down. The Surf was so named because now, according to Fisker, you can fit a surfboard either in the Surf or on top of it.

The Surf is scheduled to be delivered to its first customers around July of 2012, meaning that work on the first production Surfs is probably underway right now. Fisker thinks it can sell 3,500 Surfs a year worldwide, and with Europe and its love of station wagons in their sights, they could be right. Considering how much Americans in the Northeast dig luxury station wagons too, Fisker could very well be selling themselves short with that estimate.


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