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Friendly Fire! – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Friendly Fire is a new military-themed real time strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms by Red Robot Labs. The gameplay doesn’t stray too far from the Castle Clash/Clash of Clans format, but there is an added twist, which is that your base’s streets are actually based off of real-life streets in your area. Build up your army, collect metal and oil, and try to become the best in your city, state, country and continent. Read on for some tips and tricks for Friendly Fire!

At the beginning, you can pick a section of your city or even a neighboring city (or depending on how far you scroll on the GPS, wherever you want). Try to find an area with as few roads as possible. Tanks have to ride on existing roads, so this makes it far easier to drop roadblocks and other obstacles in their paths. If you want to pick a city other than the one which you live in, try a location spoofing app.

When you’re attacking another player you typically have a waiting period between placing tanks (and other vehicles) on the same spot. You can control the movement of each tank, and it’s in your best interest to have as many tanks going in at the same time as possible, so before you send in all of your vehicles, have the initial ones that you send in waiting around on the edge of the base, driving in circles and blocking each other until all of your tanks are out and ready to go. Then send them in all at once.

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Once you begin unlocking more vehicles, change up your attack strategy. Send in your airstrikes and tanks to take out enemy gun turrets and other defenses. Send in scouts and have them drive around to distract fire from enemy artillery and other gunners. Use EMP bots when you’re getting a bit overwhelmed so that you can do blast damage, stun them and catch a break.

Try to keep a full load of tanks and other vehicles around even when you are not planning on playing immediately. Keep them within range of your most important buildings, which are your base and your resource-producers. Your vehicles can be even more important than your gun turrets. Increase the number of garrisons and upgrade the ones you already have in order to hold the highest possible quantity of troops.

Spend your gems on buying a second construction tank immediately so that you can stop spending gems on speeding up buildings. Try to save your gems as much as possible so that you can have them for when you need them later on in the game as your battles get tougher. Go to the missions tabs in the menu and complete missions in order to earn free gems.