Front Line Commando: D-day Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

By | 20130508

Front Line Commando: D-day is the latest entry in the popular light-gun series for the iPhone, iPad and various Android systems. It plays much like the previous games, which have been set in more recent times, but in this one, you’re storming such beaches as Omaha, Utah and Sword, fighting the Panzer divisions, going from cover point to cover point and clearing various areas along the path. You even get new varieties of stages, such as ones where you try to shoot down airplanes using ack-acks. Read on for some tips and tricks for Front Line Commando: D-day!

Machine guns are almost completely useless unless you are a very slow shooter with the rifles, or are trying to destroy a vehicle but don’t have an anti-tank bazooka. For the most part, even when the stage recommends a machine gun, you should go for the rifle unless you are COMPLETELY overwhelmed by massive amounts of soldiers. Rifles are much easier to get head shots with, and thus they help you finish the stage quicker.

However, get the bazooka as quickly as possible, because having one will GREATLY increase how quickly you can beat a stage, how accurate your shots are, and the damage that you can do to vehicles. The cheapest bazooka in the game only costs 10 Gold, and you will earn quite a bit of free gold just going through the game, so you should be able to buy it fairly early on.

Going back to the rifle, the quickest way to go from soldier to soldier is to activate the scope to shoot one of them, and then deactivate it to move the cursor across the screen, and then activate it again. Either that, or just go to the options screen and increase the sensitivity on the touch controls.

To save up the war cash for a good weapon in order to beat a tough stage, go back to an old stage, especially a quick one such as an ack-ack stage, and play it over and over to earn coins each and every time that you play it. Do this especially if have stages that you haven’t earned three gold stars on, as each of the gold stars that you earn will net you a bonus.

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