Front Line Commando (FL Commando): Free gold and war cash

Front Line Commando, also known as FL Commando, has you playing as an elite military sharpshooter whose job is to survive and to blow away terrorists. It plays much like Time Crisis or House of the Dead but with a mostly third person point of view. You shoot at and kill enemy terrorists with a variety of rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and even rocket launchers and other assorted fun machines. You even act as a combat controller, calling in air strikes when the action gets too hot or too many enemies are on screen at once. Your main currency is war cash, and your premium currency is gold. Read the following to find out how to get more of each, for free!

Getting free gold is easy. There are multiple ways to get free gold in the game. One of these ways is mission related. You get some free gold when you complete a mission where you kill a boss character. There are also free offers for free gold. Some of these free offers, such as liking the game or Glu Games on Facebook and Twitter, can be completed without actually doing it. Simply go to the free offers, click on the specific offer and let it take you to the website, then go to the game and the gold will have been added to your stash.

There is also a moment in the tutorial where the game prompts you to spend gold to get air strikes. You don’t have to spend gold in order to beat that portion of the stage, though. If you can beat the tutorial stage without using air strikes, you can keep the gold that the game gives you to spend.

You can earn War Cash for completing missions in the main game. Each time you complete a mission, a number of new missions opens up, so try to go the most for ones that will offer a high number of kills, such as airlift missions, or any other type of mission where you have to “hold the line” for a certain time limit. Missions like this are usually FLOODED with enemy fighters, and the more enemy fighters you kill, the more war cash you get.

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