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Frontier Defense – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Frontier Defense is the first-ever blend of two of the most popular mobile genres: Clicker games and tower defense games. This one puts you in control of three heroes defending a tower from neverending hoards of attackers, with countless upgrades, new heroes to unlock and add to your party, and enemies which grow ever and ever tougher. Read on for some tips and tricks for Frontier Defense!

When you have only one hero in your party, you can tap with multiple fingers at a time in order to speed up your defense. As long as both fingers are in the general vicinity of the attack target, you can do this. It’s easier to do this on an iPad or on a bigger phone, such as an iPhone 6S Plus; on a small phone it might be a bit difficult unless you have little fingers.

Luckily, you can do even better once you have more than one hero, by using multiple fingers to tap on all of their attack icons at the same time. Tap at the same time, as quickly as possible, to make very short work of any enemy that you face. Use your coins to upgrade your heroes and their attack power (keep the upgrades fairly even), then keep on attacking and earning more coins.

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Upgrading your castle and your defenses is one of the most important things that you can do, because if you don’t, even if you tap at high speeds you’ll be screwed. Aside from upgrading the health of the castle, purchase as many new defenses as you can afford, and then worry about upgrading said defenses a little bit later or whenever you can afford to do so.

Save each character’s special skill until you hit battle 10/10, which is the boss battle, which is FAR tougher than all of the battles that come before it. Hit the auto buttons whenever you get sick of tapping, although if you are a really fast tapper, you might actually outpace the auto-tap. If this is the case, save auto tap until right after you beat one of the bosses.

As you get farther and farther into the battles, you’ll unlock more characters; or if you want to purchase them early, you can use gems in order to do so. Better to save your gems, though, and use them to purchase relics instead, which provide permanent boosts to your tower and to your heroes.

Go to the store area and you can watch videos for free gifts. In addition, complete the achievements for loads of free coins – and often, free gems as well. Whenever you see an exclamation mark next to the achievement icon (the trophy), that means that you have another unlocked achievement.