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Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot is the second game in the Frozen Free Fall series of puzzle games for the iOS and Android platforms. This one, unlike the match-3 action of the first one, is more similar to pachinko and Papa Pear Saga, as you drop a snowball down into an area of blocks and spheres in order to hit all of the red ones. Read on for some tips and tricks for Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot!

Each time that you lose a level in this game, you’ll lose a life. You have a total of five lives, and when you lose one, you have to wait half an hour to recover it or pay 100 coins. You can also ask your friends on Facebook to send lives, and you can send them lives in return. Invite people you know who play Papa Pear, the original FFF, or other puzzle games.

If you have nobody you know on FB who wants to play but don’t want to wait around, start a second FB account and look for more people who play, and add them. You can find people on “Add Me” posts on forums, on the App Store or Google Play review pages, or on other Facebook pages, such as the official FFF page or fan pages.

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Power-ups cost coins too, but you can get power-ups without having to spend coins. Go to the Oaken’s Cloakens wheel spinning game to spin for keys once every 8 hours, then use those keys to purchase one of the three chests. All of them will contain power-ups, but the most expensive ones will contain better ones. You even have a chance to earn free coins by opening the more expensive chests.

At certain points in the game you’re going to need to have a specific amount of stars in order to move forward in the game. Go back to old levels where you have earned one or two stars and play them again in order to fatten up your star collection until you unlock the new levels. Then move forward once you are able to.

You can shoot more than one ball at a time. Try not to do so if you don’t need to as each ball that you have left over will earn you more points at the end of the round, but you can bounce balls off of each other and use them to hit hard-to-reach areas, so use this if you need to in order to beat levels you won’t normally be able to beat as easily.