Fruit Ninja Frenzy Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

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Fruit Ninja Frenzy is the Facebook adaptation of the popular mobile game where all you do is slice fruit. That’s all you do, and you try to beat your friends’ high scores, as well as earn various kind of power-ups. This makes for one of the most fun, addicting, and downright frustrating games on both the cell phone market and now, the Facebook game market. What should you do if you find yourself in the latter camp, frustrated with the game, unable to increase your score? Or maybe you just don’t know all of what’s what in the game yet and you want to learn? Read on.

In Fruit Ninja Frenzy, your whole goal is to slice fruit for 60 seconds per game. You do this by holding your mouse’s left button (or your mouse button in general, if you use a Mac) and you drag it around to slice. Let go of the mouse key if you don’t want to slice but you still want to move your mouse arrow to a different part of the screen.

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It’s similar to the Fruit Ninja mobile game, but the biggest difference between this one and that one is the addition of fruit smoothies. Smoothies are power ups that you can buy in this game with various functions, such as disabling bombs or increasing your game from 60 seconds to 67 seconds, or even adding points to your total or giving you a free power up.

The three power ups are freeze (which freezes time for about 15 seconds), frenzy (which causes massive quantities of fruit to shoot onto the screen for 15 seconds), and double score. Double score is a striped blue and yellow banana, frenzy is a striped red and yellow banana, and freeze looks like a banana encased in ice. Any time that you have one banana active and you hit another banana, the active time for the previous banana or bananas will be reset, so hit as many bananas in as little a time as possible when you see them.

The bombs are what you do not want to hit. Each bomb that you slice causes you to lose 10 points. You can get a bonus if you hit enough bombs, but you can usually get a higher score if you don’t hit bombs even without that bonus.

After each round of play, you will earn both juice and stars. Stars are earned only when you complete a new row of achievements, but juice is earned based on how many points you scored in the previous round. Both can be used to buy smoothies before the next game, but the smoothies that you buy with stars are better than the smoothies that you buy with juice – however, all of them are beneficial.

Hit multiple fruit (3 or more at the same time) to make a combo. Each combo that you make earns you instant bonus points equal to the amount of fruit in your combo. Critical hits earn you 10 points per pop, but those come completely randomly, although they seem to happen more often when you slice 2 fruit that are literally right on top of each other, or when you slice fruit that’s right on top of a fruit splatter that’s already on the background.

That’s all! Enjoy playing Fruit Ninja Frenzy!

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