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Full Metal Jackpot: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Full Metal Jackpot is a new endless deathmatch game for the iOS and Android platforms where you and a number of other players shuffle in and out of levels, where you shoot each other, collect gold and money, and try to escape with as much currency as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Full Metal Jackpot!

Your first order of operations should be to collect as much money as possible. The single bills are worth one, the big briefcases are worth four, the small briefcases are worth three, and the small stacks of bills are worth two. When you fill up your money bar, you gain a level, and each time that you gain a level, you can choose an upgrade for yourself. Level up quickly and instantly to load up on upgrades for a huge advantage against other players.

Watch out for the big oil barrels. They can be your best friend and your worst enemy. If you come across a player carrying one, shoot the barrel to blow them up. If someone walks near one, shoot the barrel. If you pick one up, use the right joystick (the shooting one) to throw the barrel, then back away from the barrel rapidly and shoot it to blow up a nearby player. Don’t let anyone else shoot you while you are carrying one.

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If you find the escape pod location but it’s going to be awhile before the pod shows up and takes people away, then keep moving but always keep the location of the pod in your memory so that you can go back to it when it’s time to escape. If you escape, you’ll keep all of the gold that you picked up from the level, whereas if you didn’t escape, you don’t get to keep it. Watch the right side of the screen with the rocket approaching the emoji to see how close the escape pod is to landing.

Collecting gold doesn’t allow you to get any gameplay boosts; the gameplay itself is entirely centered around in-game skill and luck, rather than any forms of currency. Instead, it allows you to buy emotes and costumes for your character in order to customize their aesthetic.

Watch out for new game modes to show up on the next batch of upgrades. Look for a battle royale mode, of course, as well as friends and social features. Alliances are coming soon too, which means look for alliance battles to be added to the game during a near-future update.