Fun Run 2 Multiplayer Race: How to get free coins

Fun Run 2 Multiplayer Race is a multiplayer racing game featuring all of the weapons, cute little animal creatures, and blood and gore that you could ever ask for. There is a type of currency in this game, that being coins, and with those coins you can buy more animals, more outfits for your animals and even new color swaps, and more accessories for your creatures to wear while they are killing each other so hard. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to get more coins in Fun Run 2 Multiplayer Race!

The main way to get free coins is to go to the achievements screen (the big trophy icon), and then tab down to the third tab, which has a picture of a coin with a + sign next to it. Once you go there tap on the Video Time button and an advertisement video will pop up and you will earn 20 coins at the end of it. You can watch ad videos for coins as much as you want to.

Below that are the links to get coins for following Fun Run and DirtyBit on Facebook and Twitter. Tap those buttons and it will take you to the Facebook or Twitter app to give you the opportunity to do one of those things. Regardless of whether you like or follow or not, you’ll still get the coins just for tapping the button in the game.

Finally, the other tabs will lead you to their own methods of getting free coins. Complete the 24 hour quests and you will earn a ton of free coins, potentially, because each one that you complete will allow you to spin a roulette wheel for coins. Complete the regular achievements and you will just get a set number of coins.

Earning coins is mainly done through your placement on each round at the end. When you’re in first place you will earn the most coins for that round, and when you are in last place you will earn the smallest number of coins, but you will still earn coins for having finished the race. If you DNF the race due to quitting early, you will win no coins at all.

If you run out of advertisement videos then do the following. While you wait for more videos to come available, play the rounds for awhile, and then after fifteen or twenty seconds, go back to the screen with the ad videos and play that again.