Fun Run 2 Multiplayer Race: Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

10) Look at the other methods of earning free coins too.
Look in the same menu as the videos and you will see other methods of earning free coins, mainly consisting of liking and following DirtyBit and Fun Run on Facebook and Twitter. Just tap the buttons. You don’t even have to bother liking or following, and you will still earn the coins as a reward for tapping them once you go back to the game window.

9) Your weekly ranking determines what weekly rewards you get.
You’ll get weekly rewards once per week, and you’ll get different ones depending on what your rank is. If you have a bronze, silver or gold rank you’ll earn a load of coins. One rank up and you earn the gold medal accessory. The top rank will earn you the golden fox as a new character.

8) Complete the daily challenges for a chance at massive rewards.
These are rather time consuming, but the more daily challenges you complete, the bigger the rewards you will earn. You have three of these challenges per day, and each time you finish one you get to spin a roulette wheel of prizes. The coin prizes here are some of the biggest in the entire game.

7) Complete achievements to load up on coins.
Not only are there a ton of achievements, but there are three different tiers of each achievement that you can complete, all for either special uniform items or for a certain amount of coins. They are in the trophy tab right below the daily challenges tab (the one that says 24h)

6) Hit the practice mode to figure out the ins and outs of all of the stages.
There are, as of the current moment, eight stages in the game, and all of them have their own quirks and bonuses, so be sure to learn them in order to get the most out of your performance on each stage. Go to practice mode and you can play against three computer controlled characters for no rank points.

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