Fun Run 2 Multiplayer Race: Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 3

5) Stay on the ground so that you can hit the speed strips.
Some stages have more of the speed strips than others, but these will make a huge difference on any stage. Make sure you don’t accidentally jump over the speed strips or you’ll end up with other players passing you once they get that speed boost. Hitting the speed strips is also good insurance against getting passed by players who get the speed boost power up.

4) Stay out of the thorns.
Thorny Scrub is the stage with the most thorn areas, but some other stages also have thorns for you to contend with. If you end up in the thorns, you will get slowed down a LOT. If you stay out of the thorns, though, you will keep your speed.

3) Build your momentum to boost your speed.
Do this by making sure that you’re running on the downhills, and that you jump over the uphills to stop them from sapping your speed. Downhill runs will cause your speed to increase, while uphill runs will cause your speed to drop off. Maintain your high speed and you’ll have a far greater chance of winning.

2) When you get the rocket strapped to your back, take out as many other players as possible when it blows up.
It’s going to blow up anyways, so you might as well. If another player pops up on the screen, make sure you are as close to them as possible. The closer you are, the better your shot of blowing up the other player and taking them out with you.

1) Add friends on Game Center and Facebook in order to play friend only races.
The best part about the friend only races is that you and your friends can complete all of the friend related daily quests all at the same time, earning a ton of bonuses in the process. Add your friends and have them add you so that you can play as often as possible. Add people after every quick race that you play to find a large number of friends in a short amount of time.

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