Fun Run 2 Multiplayer Race: Top 15 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies

Fun Run 2 is inexplicably popular, partially due to its Happy Tree-esque mix of cartoony cuteness and blood and gore, but mostly due to its addictive live-action multiplayer gameplay. Your goal here is to race live against four other players, either people you know or people you don’t know, or just random people off of Game Center, and rise up the ranks. Read on for the top fifteen tips, tricks and cheats for Fun Run 2!

15) Minimize the amount that the walls slow you down.
When you are on the bottom of a wall, you’re going to hit a wall and have to jump up the wall. Minimize that by playing it smart right from the beginning and jumping so that you hit the wall as high up as you can. Then you have less jumps to get up the wall, meaning that you’ll get over the wall far more quickly than those who don’t think ahead.

14) Know what your power ups do, and know how best to take advantage of them.
Power ups such as the punch box and the bear trap will sit on the ground behind you, so don’t use them when you are in midair. Use them when you are traversing an area where other characters will run up behind you, or if you are in last place, just dump them off. Use the Buzzsaw when others are ahead of you, but jump over it before it comes back to you if it bounces. Power ups such as lightning and magnets will hit everyone or the person in front of you regardless of aim.

13) Collect coins in order to purchase more characters and uniforms.
You’ll earn coins the more that you play, and as you play you will collect coins. Use these coins to purchase more characters. You can purchase accessories that can be equipped on any of the characters that you own, or you can also purchase alternate uniforms for each one of your characters.

12) The higher in the standings you finish, the more coins you will earn.
You will earn the least amount of coins if you finish in last place, and you will earn the highest amount of coins if you finish in first place. You will always earn at least SOME coins, though, unless you fail to finish a race, which happens if you quit in the middle of race or just decide to quit participating and let the game remove you on its own.

11) Go to the IAP store to find ways to earn free coins.
One of these ways is to watch advertisement videos. Once you watch one video you will be rewarded with 20 coins, and you can watch as many videos as you want until they run out. Then when they do, wait another fifteen or twenty minutes and they will reload, and you can watch them again.

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