Fusion Heroes – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

By | May 18, 2018

Fusion Heroes is a new robot-fighting game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to build and upgrade your robot, battle against other robots for gems and equipment, and to expand the story. You can gain levels and use your troops and your weapons, as well as your fighting skill, to attack and to defend. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fusion Heroes!

Earning gems is your main priority in this game because gems buy equipment, and without equipment upgrades, even easy battles will be tough to beat. The quickest free way to earn gems is to go to the gem store and watch ads for four gems apiece. The ads will generally only appear if you’re on wifi or strong LTE, though, so wait until you have the best possible connection.

Everything should be upgraded to the rarest possible tier as soon as possible, but the weapon and the head are the most important things to spend big gems on. Your weapon will do the majority of your damage and your aiming ability will determine how quickly you can build up the missiles and stun enemy robots, and your head will increase your hit points, which are quite low to begin with.

There are two ways to build up the missiles: send your troops out, and use your weapon to hit the yellow spots. The yellow spots are both critical spots and missile bar builders, so hitting them is extremely important. And when firing the missiles, use the slowdown effect to hit purple and red stun targets much more easily.

If you can’t beat the medium missions yet, don’t worry. Play the easy missions to level up. The higher your levels go, the more powerful your troops will grow, and when you craft or earn a new weapon, head, or missile, they will equal your robot in level. So anything that you craft or earn will be more powerful – sometimes even common weapons will be more powerful than rare weapons if the rare ones were found at a lower level.

Experiment with the different weapon types to see which ones fit your playing style best. Cannons are straightforward. Miniguns fire a high-speed spray of shots. Beams can be charged, so while you may fire them more slowly, they will do more damage, they can break through purple targets in one shot when charged, and they are easier to aim.