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G.I. Joe: Strike – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

G.I. Joe: Strike is Backflip Studios’ latest game, and is one of the bigger surprises that they have put out recently. You play as Snake Eyes in this game, and your goal is to defeat as many Cobra Command ninjas as possible on a number of stages, tapping in the right order to earn as many coins and medals, and the highest score possible while racking up experience points to level up your ninja. Read on for some tips and tricks for G.I. Joe: Strike!

Energy runs out rather quickly in this game, which sucks considering that there is only a maximum of five lives. If you want to get more energy/lives, then you can purchase unlimited lives forever for $9.99. Failing that, you have to wait for your lives to come back in order to continue playing.

However, if you have not hit experience level five yet, then you can get free life recoveries all the way up until you hit that level. Don’t replay any stages up until this point. Keep playing new stages so that you can go as far as possible before you level up to level 5 and lose all of your lives.

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Every so often you will earn cards, either by completing a quest in the game or by spending your medals on them. Equip every item that you get, whether it be a skill or a weapon. The skill can be activated independently, and the weapons will start showing up inside of the air drops. Otherwise, air drops will contain only gold coins.

Keep combos going as long as possible for the best score. Each tap equals one point in the combo, so each enemy with 2 or 4 hit points (or more) is worth 2 or 4 combo points (or more) if you tap the buttons in the right order. If you tap in the wrong direction though, you won’t get a hit.

Switch back and forth between different areas if you are having trouble on a specific level and want to play something different, but you don’t want to go back and play old levels. You start off at The Jungle, and you can unlock both the USS Flagg and the Temple, all of which will contain new levels. You can progress on all three of these at once, and future developer updates should bring more areas as well.