Gacha Life: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Gacha Life is a new game for the iOS and Android where your primary goal is to collect chibi/kawaii characters, dress them up, and send them into all kinds of mini-games.

You can modify them in almost every possible way, develop strategies to beat various mini-games, and chat with other players, while managing your gems and your stamina so that you can do as much as possible.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Gacha Life!

Most of the stuff that you can do in this game is free. If all you want to do is play dress-up, you’re in luck. Just go to the presets to pick a setting that’s already been programmed in, or go to body, hair, face, clothes, other, props, and profile, to modify the character to your heart’s content.

For the minigames, there are a ton of them. Each one is somewhat of a mirror to a mobile game that already exists, so if you recognize the gameplay, use your old skills; if not, play for a while and figure out the best way to strategize and get the highest possible score at the game.

Stamina is the energy of this game, and relates to the use of your gacha in the “life” setting. Go to the life area, speak to some other random gacha that you find, and use either Talk or Ask. Tap Talk until you unlock Ask, then tap Ask until you unlock Gift. You can’t use Gift unless you actually have something to give to the other person.

Level them up super high and you’ll unlcok Quiz. You have to get to a friendship level of 50 with the other person before you can send quizzes back and forth; before that, you’re stuck with talks, asks, and gifts.

Hit the options menu nad you’ll be able to modify all of your usual options, such as graphic quality, music and sound effects, and transferring data from one device to the other. You’ll also be able to switch servers, if you so choose to.

Hit every button that you find in the menus on this game just to see what they all so. Some of them are free and will involve different fun ways to play, such as gacha pictures and skits. Others will involve actually having to spend something. Exploration is the only way to find out.

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