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Gaia Odyssey: List of Gift Redeem Codes and How To Find More of Them

Gaia Odyssey is a new iOS and Android RPG by Eyou with beautiful visuals and almost entirely automatic botting-style gameplay. You can choose to play various parts of the game manually, but almost all of it can be automated fully for stress-free farming.

With all of the available rewards in this game, some of the rarest and most sought-after in the game come out of gift codes. These codes can be redeemed and exchanged for various rewards which can get you off to a head start in this game.

Read on for a list of gift codes, how to find more of them, and how to redeem them in Gaia Odyssey!

Redeeming these codes is fairly easy to do and, unlike other games by Eyou, you can redeem them the second after you finish creating a character, instead of having to wait for a specific experience level before the option opens up.

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To redeem codes, first, tap on the Benefit menu in the top right corner of the screen. Then, tap on the Giftcode Redeem button to get to the menu.

Once you do that, type the code (or codes) into the text box and as soon as you confirm the code, you will get the rewards.

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To see what you won, exit out of the Benefit menu, then go to your mailbox. For each code that you enter, there will be a piece of mail that shows up, and when you open it, you will be able to collect your rewards.

The first place to look for new codes is on the official social media channels of the game. Do what is recommended within the Benefit menu and follow Eyougame’s Instagram and YouTube in order to get a free code. Look up and down the feeds, too, for other codes that have been posted.

Go to the Google Play store or the Apple App Store, depending on which platform you play the game on, and look through the reviews to see if any players have added any codes to the reviews. If you see codes that have been posted, then try them out. If you have codes and you don’t see them posted in the reviews, or even if you’re just not sure, then post a review and add your own codes.

Be sure to check the Subreddit for this game too, so that you can see what other players post. Look around it for codes, and put in any new ones that you find. If you have codes that have not been posted yet, then post them so that you can help out some other players.

Look for an invite to the Discord chat for this game, or for any related Discord chats if there are multiple. When you’re in, an easy way to sift through posts is to go to the search bar and type in Redeem Codes, Gift Codes, or just Codes, and see what comes up. Search through all of the messages from players asking for codes, so that you can find people actually posting codes.

Also, be sure to check Youtube and Twitch, because oftentimes streamers and content creators have their own set of codes, sometimes given to them by the developers themselves as a promotional method. Video creators often get codes that other websites don’t get.

Check the comment section in any one of these pages too. The most obvious examples of pages with giant comment sections most likely to contain Codes would be Facebook or YouTube, but there’s also a chance you might find them in the comments on Instagram, or even the comments on this very article, or anywhere else.

Here is a list of codes that have been released for Gaia Odyssey:








Be sure to stay tuned for more codes, as we will post more of them as updates come! Bookmark this page for easy access so that as soon as we post new codes, you can be the first to see them!


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