Galaxy Legend – How to get more commanders, formation spaces, and ships in your fleet

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When you begin playing Galaxy Legend, you start off with only one ship in your active fleet. As you continue through the tutorial, you can get up to three ships in your active fleet but after that, it’s hard to figure out how to get more ships in your fleet. In addition, it’s also imperative that you unlock more spaces in your formation so that you set up a good battle strategy, but you start off with only three of them. However, it’s possible to get more of them as you go on. Read on to find out how to get more ships and spaces in your formation!

The number of spaces in your formation is dependent upon your rank. The same is true for the number of ships and the commanders that you can have in your formation at the same time. In order to increase both of these metrics, you need to increase your overall rank.

If you want to increase your overall rank, then you need to earn more prestige points. You can learn more prestige points meanly by fighting in boss battles in the single player mode, and also by finding debris areas that are left behind after battles, and searching them. When your prestige gets to a high enough member, you will rank up.

Don’t forget to spend your daily Dexter coins at the slot machine. It’s not that common to earn prestige from the slots, because you have to match three in a row in order to earn prestige, but when you do make a match, you will earn far more prestige than you do from battles.

That’s not all that you have to do. Go to the celestial portal, and you will be able to spend leptons and quarks in order to get more commanders. You can either go for the standard commanders, which cost you leptons, or you can go for elite commanders, which cost quarks. Elite commanders take longer to get, but compared to standard commanders, their attack, defense, and health are a lot higher.

Go to the fleet menu, and then tab over to prestige, and you will be able to see what you unlock the next time you rank up. Some of your rank increases will give you another space in your formation, while other rank increases will increase the maximum amount of commanders that you can have in your fleet at one time. At that point, move your extra commanders over from the back upside to the main formation side if you want to use them in battle.

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