Galaxy Legend – Top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats

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Galaxy Legend is a new space exploration RPG by Tap4fun, the same company that created Galaxy Empire. In Galaxy Legend, the game starts off very easy, but as you move forward it gets very difficult. However, there are plenty of ways to make your game play experience a little bit easier. Read on for the top 10 tips and cheats for Galaxy Legend!

10) Be sure to constantly heal your fleet in the construction facility.
The construction facility name is actually a bit of a misnomer. When you unlock the construction center, you will be able to use it to heal your fleet. After every battle, your fleet health will drop just a little bit, which will degrade their attack, armor, and health. Use this facility to stay up to speed.

9) Do the elite challenges in the conservatory as often as possible.
Every time that you beat a challenge in the Conservatory, you will earn the new blueprints to evolve one of your fleets’ weapons or armor. Even the battles that you beat will be playable again after a certain period of time, so keep checking back.

8) Upgrade the citadel as high as you can to earn more cubits.
Every upgrade that you do to The Citadel will allow you to earn more cubits each time that you collect from it. Also, you will be able to collect sooner, so keep upgrading in order to maximize your cubits.

7) When you are fighting in the arena, take battles with players whose level is lower than yours.
Usually, you will be able to find arena battles with players who are at a lower experience level than you, regardless of their rank. In fact, oftentimes, you’ll see a player who’s level is so low that you wonder how they got as high of a rank as they did in the first place. Fight battles with these players, because they are very easy to beat.

6) Earn more prestige in order to increase your overall rank.
You can earn prestige by fighting in boss battles, and by checking the debris that various enemy fleets leave behind. When you early enough for prestige, your rank will increase, and when your rank increases, you will be able to earn new bonuses, such as the ability to put more ships in your active battle fleet, or to have more spaces in your formation in which to put your ships.

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