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Galaxy Legend is a new game by Tap4fun and can be considered the follow-up to Galaxy Empire, which came out two years ago and was developed by the same company. This is a free game; however, there are plenty of in app purchases that you can make, such as credits, which is the premium currency of the game, or battle supply, which is esteems form of energy. By no means you have to spend any money to get maximum enjoyment out of game or to beat the game, though. Read on to find out how to win in Galaxy Legend without spending any money!

Battle supply comes back on it’s own if you wait for it to return; therefore, there is no need to spend any money in order to keep playing the game. In addition, you can win boosts in battle supply either through daily bonuses, by completing quests, or by winning them in Dexter’s Slots. The daily bonus boosts will automatically go to your battle supply stash, even if you already have a full load. The other battle supply boosts will go to your item screen, allowing you to boost your battle supply from that screen at any time.

Battle supply in the arena is separate from battle supply in the single player game. You can’t use your normal boosts to recover your Arena battle supply; therefore, the only way to get free battle supply is to wait for it to return. You can spend 100 credits to restore 10 battle supply if you choose to.

Free credits are surprisingly easy to come by in the game as well. Every time that you match three shapes in a row in the slots, you will earn 50 free credits. If you match three credit shapes, you will earn far more. If you hit three stars in a battle or if you go back and fight against old boss characters, you have a chance at earning free credits.

Increase your rank in the arena, and you will earn free credit bonuses as well. The higher your rank, the better the bonuses that you will earn. This is a good way to earn free credits, free battle supply, and just about any other bonus that you could purchase using the credit system, so play in the arena as often as you possibly can.

Save your battle supply for when you need to gain an experience level in order to proceed in the game. Don’t use the rush function until you absolutely need to; however, when you get stuck in the single player mode because you aren’t at a high enough player level, use the rush function at the last battle that you fought, because the harder the battle, the more experience points that you will earn from finishing the battle.

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