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Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures for iPhone – Guide, Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures, by Digital Chocolate, is a battle strategy game that brings a genre that was made popular on Facebook by games such as Backyard Monsters, Edgeworld and War Commander, and brings it over to the iPhone platform. Here, you get to take over your own planet, mining for resources such as coins and minerals, building defense turrets, walls and other structures to defend against the attack of others in the galaxy and universe, all the while trying to attack others and destroy their bases. Read on for some tips and tricks for Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures!

In order to get all of the items that you need to upgrade your Star Base to level 2 (specifically, that red thing that looks like a cross between a bolt and a death ray), start recycling all of the obstacles on your game screen. They will pop up randomly from one of the obstacles you recycle, so keep checking back and recycling any further obstacles that pop up even after you recycle all of them.

One of the best battle strategies early on, especially after you get your second warp gate and upgrade it, is to simply flood enemy bases with Marines. You should, of course, spy on the bases first to make sure that they still have resources left for you to loot, but if you do, flood them with 40+ Marines and you can even beat a number of higher level planets.

Defensively, a good idea to ruin the day of most enemy armies is to put a U-shaped wall around one side of your resource buildings and base, and then load the other side up with traps. They will be suckered into thinking that you have a weak side, but then their armies will be decimated when the traps blow up.

To stop other players from doing the same thing to you, though, throw one single troop into an area where you suspect a possible trap. If there is a trap, your troop will trip it and blow it up, and then you’ll be able to send the rest of your troops in for the kill.