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Galaxy Online 3 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Galaxy Online 3 is a new MMORTS for the iOS and Android platforms by, also known as I Got Games. In this game you run a space base and fight battles against, as well as form alliances with, other players. As you upgrade your base it will transform from a rinkydink little space outpost to an ultra-powerful command center, with the help of all of the He3, Iron, Gold and Space Bux that you can get. Read on for some tips and tricks for Galaxy Online 3!

Constant progress is the name of the game here. At its core, it’s resources-in, resources-out, and winning your fights, but to get there, always make sure you are doing the little things on your base too. This includes doing the research, owning as many ships as possible, and hiring lots of captains.

The challenge missions are specific single player missions, and you can earn medals for completing them. If you want to spend them you have to go to the medal store. To get there, go to the challenge mission menu, then go to the button in the lower right corner that says “Medal Store” in the lower right corner of the screen.

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Your fleets will not auto-update as your captains gain experience levels and as you unlock new ships. That leaves it up to you to go to the “fleet” screen and reorganize every time that levels are gained. Max out your ships in the shipyard at first, or at least build a good surplus of them, and then go to the fleet screen and max out the ships in each position around your captains.

If you are lost on what to do next, go to the quests screen and start sawing through them. Each one that you complete will not only earn you rewards but will point you in the right direction for improving the base. You can pigeon-hole the rewards, too, if you already have enough resources and would rather save the new set for higher desert ground.

Face off the right kind of ships against each other for the best advantages. For example, battleships are strong against cruisers. Keep multiple fleets of each type around so that you can use them against whatever adversary you would like.