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Galaxy Reavers – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Galaxy Reavers is a new space battle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You take control of a fleet of ships and engage in battles across a wide area, managing the movement and equipment of your ships in order to maximize their effectiveness in battle. You can load up your ships with components, power them up, and send them into battle against rival fleets, going through planets and solar systems while earning coins and Khorium. Read on for some tips and tricks for Galaxy Reavers!

Eveey time you pick up a new item in battle, go to the shipyard and equip it in one of the blank spots on your ship. If you don’t have any blank spots, but it’s a strong item or a rare one, you can unequip a weak or common item in order to make room for it. As your ships level up, they can equip more and more items, so keep track of when new spaces open up on your ships.

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If you get stuck on a level, go to an older level and play it again. Do this as needed to get more loot and more experience so that you can equip that loot. Once you’re powered up enough, go to the newer level and try to beat it again.

Wise use of your ship’s skills can make the difference between a win and a loss. Tap your ship while it is in flight to see what it’s range is. Once an enemy ship is within range of your ship, hit your skill to launch it and, especially in the case of the cruiser, to do a massive amount of damage. Wait for the cooldown time to pass and then do it all over again, and tap back and forth between your ships to keep tabs on their cooldown times.

If you want to get more Khorium for free, go to the in-app purchase store and hit the option that says “Watch more Advertisements for Free Khorium”. This is the premium currency of the game, and you can use to to buy new warships, weapon packages, and other goodies. You can also hit the “Gift” button to watch a video for a free weapon. Hit the Supplies button every eight hours to score free Khorium and gold coins.

You can only fit a limited number of ships into your fleet at the same time. If you swap out one ship for another, grab all of the added equipment from the old ship and stick the good stuff onto your new ship. Anything that you want to get rid of can be sold for coins.