Game of Sultans: Consort and Heir Guide – How to get and upgrade all wives and heirs

Game of Sultans has a unique mechanic that most other games don’t, which is the consort mechanic. Consorts are your wives and mistresses, and they not only are associated with your viziers, but they will give you heirs, allowing you to cement your family’s Sultanate’s power by growing a giant harem. Read on for the full guide to filling your harem with wives and consorts in Game of Sultans!

First of all, you have to find them and add them to your harem. The ones that you earn from quest rewards, diplomacy, and whatnot are easy, but the masquerade contains most of your potential wives, and can be a bit tougher to figure out. When you masquerade, you go to a random building and talk to a random person, which may or may not be a potential consort. As you talk to a woman more and more, you build a relationship with her, eventually leading up to her becoming your wife and joining your harem.

Once you’re married to a woman, you can boost her intimacy and charisma with gifts. Intimacy will unlock new attributes for viziers as well as influence the rarity and stats of her heirs. Charm increases the amount of experience earned each time you have a visit with a consort. The intimacy and the experience can combine to give a gigantic boost to your viziers.

Every once in awhile, one of your wives will give you a heir. Once you have an heir, you can develop them, and then use the vitality orb to boost them when they tire out. The lower the talent of an heir, the shorter it will take to develop. Heirs can only marry within their own talent levels.
The lower the talent level, the quicker that you can marry them off.

Each heir has a specific attribute rating. That rating adds to the military, political, prestige, and research rankings of your kingdom. When you go to visit your heirs and develop them, they gain experience levels, and each time that they gain a level, they get a boost in the attributes department. The higher the talent that an heir has from birth, the higher their attributes will be, and the higher their maximum level of attributes will be; consequently, the higher their maximum experience level will be.

The more consorts that you have, the more frequently they will have babies. Stick with the random visits because they’re free and easy to do, rather than having to spend your gems just because you want to spend time with a specific one. Later on in the game, when you want to boost one specific vizier or even out an extra weak consort, you can spend some gems for those specific visits.

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