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Game of Sultans: Divination, Feast, Magic Lamp, Ranking Rush, and Masquerade Guide

Game of Sultans is an old-school mobile RPG with all sorts of game modes, such as the campaigns, where you can progress forward and conquer castles on all three continents. Some of the more obscure ones, though, can be a bit tough to figure out, but if you do figure them out, then you are in for some great rewards. Read on for the guide to obscure game modes such as Divination, Feast, Magic Lamp, and Masquerades in Game of Sultans!

Divination is first, because this is one of the most asked-about game modes, but it’s also one of the simplest. It’s deceptively simple, in fact, which is why it’s one of the most searched. All that you do here is go to the Divination tab and tap the cup of coffee, and the fortune teller will see a specific item. You’ll earn gems and some other reward based off of that item (a heart will earn you a silver ring, for example), and chest rewards whenever you get to certain day milestones (day three, seven, 14 etc).

The feast is a weird game mode because there’s little explanation of it and it’s expensive. You spend gems to take a seat at the table at someone’s feast. Each time that you attend a feast (you can do three per day), you have a chance to earn your own feast items, such as Feast Food, Feast Tokens, Banquet Food, or Banquet Tokens, which will eventually allow you to throw your own feast. Throwing your own feast will earn a TON of feast points.

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You can unleash a rat into someone’s feast to take away 1,000 feast points and put yourself on their revenge list, or you can use a challenge scroll to do that to someone who does the same thing to you. In the feast store, you can use the feast points that you earn to buy some cool items. You can buy experience packs, volumes and tomes, badge shards, and more, and the store refreshes every couple of hours or so.

Magic Lamp is another deceptively simple game mode. You get one free Lamp Oil daily, and more Lamp Oil for quest completions, especially time-sensitive quests. Go to the Magic Lamp, use a Lamp Oil by tapping the icon, then you get a random reward. Hit the achievements tab to earn rewards for lamp milestones, both your lamps and the entire server’s lamps.

Ranking Rush is a contest to see who can rank first in a specific category. You can compete for the top ranks in intimacy, national power, stage rankings, the arena, union contests, and more. Rewards include all of the money and resources that you’re familiar with, the orbs, but also unique items that give you honor and Vizier clothes. These include Unparalleled Sultan, Romantic Sultan, Sweeping Force, The Supremacy, The Leader, The Invincible, and Millionaire.

Masquerades are where you as the Sultan go into the city and communicate with your people, sometimes in disguise, or in “masquerade” form. You have a chance every time you use a Masquerade energy to win a new consort/wife. Hit the “unmarried” tab in your harem to see who you haven’t met yet and how to get them (most are from the masquerade). Even if you talk to a normal person, you’ll still get resource rewards. If you talk to an unmarried woman, you have a chance at building a relationship with and marrying her, adding her to your harem as a consort.