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Game of Sultans: Sultan and Viziers Guide – How to fully upgrade and level up your sultans and viziers

Game of Sultans has a lot of elements to it that make a difference in battle and in upgrading your kingdom, but chief out of all of them are your Sultan (you) and your viziers. Your viziers manage every affair of your kingdom from politics to battle, while as the sultan, you need to gain levels in order to upgrade yourself. Read on for everything you need to know about Sultans and Viziers in Game of Sultans!

First, the Sultan (you) can gain levels occasionally, and each level will not only increase the amount of levies and imperial affairs you can deal, but levels will unlock new areas of the game, too. The quickest way to level up your Sultan is to go into the campaign mode and play it as often as possible. Ensure that you have a lot of soldiers, and make sure that you keep up your Viziers so that you can continue campaigning endlessly.

Sultans can be upgraded to many ranks. You start off at Young Sultan, up to Young Sultan 5 (the highest level), then you’ll move onto Master Sultan for five levels. Once you make it past all three of those levels, you become Master Sultan. Pass five of those levels and finally you become the Grand Sultan. At the Grand Sultan rank, you can take care of battles automatically without having to put in any effort. Besides the campaigns, you earn Sultan experience every time you say “no” when dealing with imperial affairs.

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Viziers are a bit more nuanced, though. At their base, they can be upgraded using gold. Tap any one of your Viziers and start leveling them by hitting the up arrow next to their level bar. As long as you have the gold to level them up, you can keep going for as long as you want. Don’t use the 10x, use the standard level up option. You’ll get a “Boost” randomly, which will add one or two bonus levels to your Vizier for free.

Head into the Develop menu and this will allow you to develop the talents of your Vizier by using either various enhance badges or by using book experience, which can be attained from various EXP booster items. Badges are notoriously temperamental, and they won’t work most of the time, while book experience works 100 percent of the time. Talent will provide a multiplier to the entirety of one stat or another, though, making it extremely important.

Under the Rewards menu, you can start really adding huge attribute boosts to your Viziers by using the various books, booklets, tomes, and more. You can boost either Politics, Research, Military or Prestige, or you can use an Attribute Book/Tome/etc to boost any of them. Not only will your vizier’s attributes skyrocket, but so will your empire’s attributes as a whole. Hit page 2 for details on what each of the attributes do.

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