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In addition to your overall power level, the overall number of troops will determine how you do in battle. The troops that you own, the more of them will show up in the battle menu. Each battle that you engage in will cost you troops, and the quicker you kill the enemies (determined by your battle power level), the less troops you lose per battle. But eventually, if the number isn’t kept in check, you’ll lose all of them and need to take a break from battling.

Your empire power level is found in the main kingdom screen underneath your rank. The main way to increase it is to use books and tomes on your viziers. You can either do this from the backpack menu or from the viziers menu, under “rewards”. Books and tomes are fairly numerous. Try to spread them out evenly among your viziers, as some viziers have different strengths than others. This increases your battle power significantly, but mostly your empire power.

Be aware of what all of your restoration items do. Vigor Orbs restore vigor, allowing for more consort visits. Energy orbs restore energy, allowing you to masquerade again. Vitality orbs restore vitality to your heirs, allowing you to develop them quicker. Levy seals let you enact levies in all three categories again immediately. Imperial seals allow you to conduct imperial affairs again. PvP seals allow you to take another shot in the arena again. PvE seals restore energy for the hunting grounds and for the boss fights. We’ll go over these more later on in the article.

Dive into your backpack as often as possible to open chests and bags. You’ll earn a ton of them as you complete quests, gain levels, and more, and they’ll be your main source of badges, which can be used to develop and upgrade your viziers. Plus, they’ll earn you a huge amount of gold, soldiers, and food.

You’ll earn items that you can give to your consorts as you go, too. You have two stats that you can improve on your consorts: Charm and Intimacy. Intimacy increases their skill levels, and when a skill is unlocked, that gives a boost to a specific vizier (for example, Canfeza is Piyale’s daughter, so she boosts his attributes). Intimacy also boosts the rarity of future heirs. Charm effects the experience gain of a consort on a non-heir-producing visit. The rings and earrings that boost both of these stats are earned from the usual quest completions.

The fortify area is not explained very well but it’s one of the highest-reward areas in the entire map. First, you go to the store and buy bricks – the bricks are super cheap, so load up. Then you add the bricks to the wall (you can also add event bricks). You then earn a box as a reward. Go to the backpack, open the box, and you’ll earn soldiers. Higher level bricks contain higher numbers of soldiers, and the rewards tend to be dependent on your prestige level.

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