Game of Sultans: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Game of Sultans is a new MMORTS for the iOS and Android platforms that’s set in the Ottoman Empire era in Turkey, with multiple sultans ruling multiple kingdoms. Your goal is to make your kingdom the strongest around by powering up your Sultan and his viziers, levying taxes on various elements of your kingdom, and collecting resources and power. Read on for some tips and tricks for Game of Sultans!

In the campaigns, battling is done automatically between your troops and the enemy’s troops. The outcome is based on your power level compared to the enemy’s power level, and the main way to increase your own power level is to power up your viziers. Level them up by spending your gold; every time they are leveled up, their stats will increase, and so will your overall stats in the battles. Keep up with the upgrades in order to continually exceed the strength of your enemies.

When you are leveling up your viziers, always level them one at a time, rather than ten levels. If you do one level at a time, you have a random chance of triggering a boost, which is a bonus statistical increase. So even though it takes longer to get to the level you want when you don’t use the 10x leveling boost, you will end up with a far stronger vizier.

The masquerade is where the Sultan masquerades as a commoner to go talk to the people, with a chance of winning a consort. Hit the masquerade often and tap the “masquerade” button once inside the main area in order to try for more consorts. Most of the time, you’ll make friendly conversation with someone for one or two lines, such as a bard or a eunuch. Sometimes, you’ll talk to one of the women, but nothing will come of it – yet. The more you talk to the same woman, the more the relationship builds, and the better the chance that she’ll become your consort.

Complete quests and achievements for a massive amount of rewards. Every time that you see a red dot next to them, you can claim a prize, and if you don’t see the red dot, you can still go in and look at all of the requirements for the achievement completions. Often these prizes include gold, so that you can power up your viziers, more troops, or even brand new viziers.

Take care of your levies and imperial affairs as often as possible. For the imperial affairs, you’ll earn player experience whenever you say no to a request, but you’ll earn resources if you say yes to the request. Some of the requests will earn you upgrade books, tomes, and other upgrade items for your viziers; these are far more rare, so say yes to these requests always. The higher your level and your empire’s power level, the more supplies you earn per levy enacted.

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