Game of War: Fire Age – Attack Guide, Part 3

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Welcome to part 3 of the Game of War: Fire Age offense guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide!

The whole game changes once you get an alliance into the mix. If you are a member of an alliance, you will be able to get assistance from others by asking for it in the alliance chat by requesting reinforcements, or, once you build a war rally in your town, you’ll be able to start a rally, get troops from other members of your alliance, and use the massive amount of troops to attack others.

The war leader is the one who initiates the war – and they don’t even have to be the alliance leader. As long as you get enough alliance members to agree to it, you can initiate the war. The hall of war holds anywhere between 25,000 troops at level 1, to 2 million troops at max upgrade (level 21) Once the troops are there, they are now lead by the war leader’s hero, and thus they have all of the boosts that the war leader’s hero has.

Now this is a bit trivial for attacking other players. Instead, this is best for attacking a wonder. You can attack or start a war against a wonder when the peace period expires. If a wonder is (unlikely) unoccupied, it’s easy pickings, but if an alliance is occupied, it’s going to take a LOT of troops, because you will have an entire alliance to take on.

Notice that when you go to the wonder, it will be surrounded with people who are all in the same alliance, in the wonder forest. Have your war rally take out these guys, one by one, because if someone in the wonder forest loses, their city will be teleported off to a random location in the forest. Once the forest is cleared out, your alliance should start teleporting their cities into the forest, or at least closer to it.

Once that is done, then it’s time to attack the alliance. You can either use a rally point or simply have all of your alliance members send a bombardment of attacks in. If your alliance successfully defeats the other troops, then you become the new ruling alliance and the alliance leader becomes the king of the entire kingdom.

Once you or your alliance leader is the king, there is literally not much left to do besides attach nicknames (which come with boosts and deboosts) and collect silver from the other alliances and players.

In addition to all of this, there are boosts that you can buy with loyalty or that your alliance leader (or you if you are the leader) can buy with alliance points. Many of them include troop training, attack and defense bonuses, so use these liberally when you are about to attack a wonder (or anything else).

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