Game of War – Fire Age: FAQ, Wiki, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

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Welcome to part 3 of the beginner’s guide to Game of War – Fire Age! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Your hero is the commander of all your armies, although you can march with or without him. Every action that you do will earn experience points for your hero, and when he or she levels up, skill points can be spent on extra boosts, such as increased training time, troop stats or resource generation, or even construction time. These boosts are good for as long as your hero is at your city.

In the regional map mode (which can be accessed using the lower left button), you can go to other kingdoms, resource tiles and blank tiles. You can scout or attack other kingdoms, scout or occupy resource tiles, or occupy blank tiles. When you attack a kingdom you have the chance to destroy their wall traps, troops, and take any of their resources that aren’t protected by the warehouse (silver is never protected, so that is what you will earn the most of), as well as add to your kill count. If you lose, though, you get nothing except for dead and wounded troops, and (later on in the game) an imprisoned hero.

Resource tiles are not protected at all, unless someone has already occupied them – but if it is occupied, you can kick the other player out and occupy it if your army is strong enough. Your army will spend some time, roughly around 10 to 15 minutes, gathering resources (more resources for more troops, less resoures for less troops). Once your troops exhaust their resource capacity, they will return to the city, and once they exhaust the entire tile, the tile will turn back into blank land.

Blank land can be occupied for an indefinite amount of time by an army, but they have absolutely no purpose other than to hide troops from being killed when your city is being attacked.

You can be attacked by other players at any time. Their troops, luckily, will run into both your troops (if they are at the city) and the traps that you build on the city walls, which can be trained similarly to troops. Simply upgrade the city walls in order to train troops. You can train massive amounts of traps, and even the basic war bricks can provide a huge defense bonus in high enough quantities.

Troops and traps have 5 different types – cavalry, infantry, ranged, siege and defenses. Cavalry is strong against infantry, which is strong against ranged, which is strong against cavalry. All three are strong against siege. Siege is strong against defenses, and defenses are strong against the original three.

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