Game of War – Fire Age: FAQ, Wiki, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 5

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Welcome to part five of the Game of War – Fire Age beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 4 of the guide.

The alliance store is one of the big perks of joining an alliance. There are two currencies, Loyalty and Alliance Funds (which look like silver tickets and gold tickets). The Loyalty is yours alone, and with it you can purchase anything you want in the Alliance Store, under the Store tab. The Alliance Funds are spent by the leader of the alliance, and all of the possible prizes can be found under the Catalog tab. Even if you are not the alliance leader, though, you can go into the catalog and put a star next to anything that you want the alliance leader to buy. If you are the leader, buying the most-starred items might be the way to keep your alliance the happiest.

Resource Help is where you can send resources to your teammates in the alliance, and Reinforce is where you can send troops to the other members of the alliance. If you have a marketplace, your name will appear in the Resource Help column, and if you have an embassy, your name will appear in the Reinforce column. You can ask for more resources or more troops in the chat.

Under Members, you can find a list of members of all five ranks in the alliance. The higher the rank, the more privileges you have as a member. The ranks are chosen by the alliance leader. Everybody’s power level can be seen, so you can compare yourself to your alliance members, and try to make your way to the top – all the better to convince your alliance leader to move you up a rank!

The biggest part of the alliance game, though, is the ability to hold war rallies. The way this works is that you build the hall of war, and then start a rally. Now, you have to try to get your alliance members to send you their troops. Their troops will be under your hero, and will take all of your hero’s stat and leader boosts as their own for the duration of the war. You can command more heroes with a higher level war hall.

This allows you to easily decimate and destroy other players, but the best use is for taking over the Wonder, which is the capital of your kingdom. When the peace period is going, you can’t challenge the ruling alliance’s dominance, but you can once the peace period is over.

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