Game of War – Fire Age: FAQ, Wiki, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 6

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Welcome to part six of the Game of War – Fire Age beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part five of the guide.

You don’t have to be the leader of the alliance to start a war rally, although it certainly helps. When your hall of war is at its maximum level, you can command up to 2 million troops, which should be assumed to be the minimum for trying to take over a wonder. Once you start a war against a wonder and win, then your alliance leader becomes the king of the kingdom.

Once your alliance leader becomes the king, your alliance will earn massive amounts of silver, alliance funds, and loyalty. Your leader can also bestow buffs and debuffs on various folks. If you are the leader, this is a good way to power up your alliance (with the boosts) and to get revenge on your rivals (with the deboosts).

The Wonder Forest also surrounds the wonders. Most likely, you’ll find members of the ruling alliance there. If anybody who is inside of the wonder forest loses a battle, though, their city will be teleported to a random location, so using a war rally to destroy everybody in the forest is a good way to completely throw an alliance into disarray. Plus, you and your alliance members can then teleport to the forest if you so choose.

Other fun parts of being in an alliance include the alliance gifts. Any time that somebody buys a resource gift pack or a bronze, silver or gold gift pack using real money from the app store, everybody in the alliance gets a gift. Open the gifts to increase your gift level and to find rare gifts.

Gifts that can be found using the alliance gifts include the war commission (which allows more alliance war slots), the book of war (which upgrades the hall of war), the iron shackle (which is for building and upgrading the prison), and the sacrificial dagger (which is used to help build and upgrade the altar). If nobody in your alliance buys anything, it’s suggested to find a new/better alliance.

Use the mail function to find messages from your alliance, as well as scouting and battle reports (which are under the system tab). Other fun but minute functions in the main menu screen include Correct for Rewards, where you can help correct the game’s built in translation system. You can connect the game to Game Center, or you can even go to “How to Play” to check out a detailed point by point FAQ on the game.

That’s all for Game of War – Fire Age! Enjoy the game!

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