Game of War: Fire Age – How to get free gold, loyalty points and alliance funds.

Game of War: Fire Age is one of the most popular MMO strategy games on the iPhone app store right now, by Machine Zone Inc. Gold is the premium currency of the game. There is quite a bit that you can purchase with gold that can act as a buff in Game of Fire: War Age. Loyalty is your main individual currency of the alliance, and you can use it to buy some great boosts that even gold can’t buy. Alliance funds are a currency that is controlled by the leader of the alliance. Read on to find out how to get more of all three for free!

You can get more loyalty and alliance funds by helping out members of your alliance when they request help completing construction or research. Each help that you give provides 100 loyalty to you, and funds to the alliance. Plus, whenever you participate in an event or complete one of your alliance quests, you will earn loyalty and alliance funds, so do both of those as often as possible.

If your alliance takes over and occupies your kingdom’s wonder, your alliance leader will become the king of the land. This will earn your alliance a HUGE quantity of loyalty points, more than any other action in the game, if only because it is the toughest thing to do. To see a wonder, go to the regional map, tap on the far right button on the top (the kingdoms button), and tap on any one of the kingdoms. When you do you will be sent straight to the wonder.

Another way to get more of both alliance points and loyalty funds is to go to the “Correct to Earn” tab in the menu and start correcting bad translations. Any legitimate correction that you make to a word that gets picked by the designers will earn you hundreds of loyalty and alliance points, so if you do this as often as possible, the earnings can add up.

Gold can be gotten for free in multiple ways. The best way to get gold is to open your alliance’s gifts before they expire, as many of them actually contain free gold. If your alliance rarely buys gold packages (and thus rarely gets gifts for you), then drop them and find a new alliance that will earn you more gold. Alternatively, play the casino as often as possible for the most chances at gold from the casino. High roller mode equals more gold.

Another way to earn free gold is to connect the game to Facebook and then build a gold mine somewhere in the rural portion of your city, so that you can earn rewards and trade gold with your friends. Plus, if you refer friends, you’ll get rewards when they join and when they have new accomplishments in the game, such as upgrading the stronghold.

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